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Completing projects wherever, with our



H O W   T H I S   W O R K S 

1.  Onboarding

The initial step where you get to connect with our interior design team. It involves gathering essential information about your project requirements, preferences, and goals. This stage sets the foundation for our successful collaboration.

2.  Kick-Off Meeting

A dedicated Zoom call where you and our team will engage in a comprehensive discussion. We delve deeper into your vision, style preferences, functional needs, and budget considerations. This meeting helps align everyone involved and establishes clear expectations.

3.  Measurements & Photos


This phase focuses on acquiring accurate measurements and photographs of the space. We will provide you with guided direction to ensure precise dimensions and capturing visual details essential for the design process.



From a single room, to an entire home, come embrace a boundary-breaking world of virtual interior design—where imagination thrives, distances vanish, and design dreams come alive at your fingertips.

Design Development

4.  Concept & Design Development


Using the gathered information and inspiration you share, we will craft a comprehensive concept and design development phase. This includes mood boards, 3D renderings, material samples, and furniture/layout suggestions. Collaborative feedback from you is valued during this stage to refine and shape the design direction.

5.  Final Revisions

Based on your feedback, adjustments and refinements are made to the proposed design. This iterative process ensures that the final design aligns perfectly with your vision and expectations.

6.  Project Wrap-up / Design Handoff


As the design phase concludes, all elements and details are finalized. The project wrap-up involves preparing a comprehensive design package, including specifications, product/shopping lists, and any additional documentation required. This package serves as a valuable reference for you moving forward.

7.       Client-Led Installation


In this step, you will take charge of executing the design plan with the provided resources and guidance. The client-led installation stage allows for flexibility, empowering you to implement the design at your own pace, leveraging your preferred vendors or engaging professional installers.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions: Email Us


What to Expect: Our Deliverables


For virtual designs our deliverables include digital documents such as mood boards, space plans, furniture recommendations, material palettes, lighting plans, and styling tips. These will provide you with a clear design concept, product suggestions, and guidance for implementing the design. Our clickable shopping lists will allow you to purchase products and to complete your rooms at your own pace.

E-Design Example
E-Design Example
E-Design Example

MOOD / CONCEPT BOARD: A visual collage that captures the desired aesthetic and mood of an interior design concept.

PRODUCT SELECTIONS: A curated list of recommended furniture, fixtures, materials, and accessories.

3D PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING: A realistic digital representation of a space that visually depicts the proposed design concept using textures, materials, lighting, furniture, and décor elements.

E-Design Example
E-Design Example
E-Design Example

FLOOR PLAN: A to-scale, visual representation of a space from a bird's-eye view, illustrating the layout and dimensions of rooms, walls, windows, and other architectural features.

CLICKABLE SHOPPING LIST: A compiled inventory of recommended products and materials, including furniture, décor items, lighting fixtures, and accessories, to facilitate the purchasing process for clients..

PAINT SCHEDULE: A detailed plan that specifies the type, color, and location of paint for each surface within a space, providing guidance to ensure a consistent and cohesive color scheme throughout the project..


The result of successfully implementing a virtual design installation... 


Are you ready to experience the transformative magic of our personalized virtual design service, where creativity meets convenience, and dreams take shape effortlessly?!

Room-by-room, Virtual Interior Design Service
$4500 per room

Discounts can apply to 3+ rooms

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