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Trade Day

W H A T   Y O U   C A N   E X P E C T . . .

Trade Day is another kick-off meeting that allows DDLLC’s team, and trade partners, the chance to become familiar with the scope of work and to provide additional insights. Challenging tasks are our priority and will be identified and addressed at Trade Day. Experience has shown us that spending time with the professional--on the actual job site--produces a better result because of the collaborative expertise. 


Whenever possible, all trade partners, will meet at the job site, on a single date, approved by the client. ​Occasionally, an essential trade member cannot make the appointment and provisions will be made for a second site meeting. However, this is to be avoided, if possible.

For larger projects we will stagger appointments, to allow each participant time to review/discuss their portion of the plan, without disruption. Some of these may include: contractor, window specialist, wallcovering specialist, painter, flooring team, electrician, cabinet maker, kitchen designer, etc. 


The DDLLC team will arrive first, allowing time to tour the space, review our itinerary, collect inventory, and prepare any additional concerns prompted. 



As one of the first stages of Trade Day, images of each of the project spaces will be collected, prior to, and during the trade meetings. Note: we will only photograph space(s) pertaining to the actual project. All clients have permission to refuse images, where preferred. 




To accurately move into the next phase of the project, detailed measurements must also be taken of the project site(s). Measurements will be taken in order to produce floor plans, elevations, and where necessary, molding details. These measurements will affect the initial drawings and foundational plans for the entire project.


We ask that our clients be patient with us, as sometimes, this task can be quite time-consuming. By taking thorough measurements, we should be able to avoid another disruptive return visit. 

These meetings can be as quick as an hour and half, and can last up to four (4) hours, depending on the complexity of the project scope and the question and answer time, that may arise. Clients do not have to be available for Trade Day, unless preferred. If a client chooses to bypass this meeting, we will make arrangements for access and will immediately update the client upon entry and departure of the job site. A follow-up email will also be provided, in order to update the client on status and agenda.


If there are any objections to these requirements, please let us know. We are happy to make any accommodations that will create more comfort and convenience on behalf of our clients.

We are here and listening, if you have any questions or concerns--we will be happy to clarify this step of the process...

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