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Try these Styling Tips!

L E T ' S   G E T  S T A R T E D . . . 



You've made it this far! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now that you have your design package, it's time to style the home! There is a lot of information that we would like to share with you, so let's get right into it. Below we have highlighted four (4) of the most common areas where we feel our clients need the most help: Window Treatments, Bookcases, Hanging Art, and Arranging Pillows. Let's go...

Window Treatments.

Window treatments are good for sound absorption, for adding color and texture, and for major functionality. So often we have clients who would like to skip on adding curtains because it's too much hassle or they think it will diminish light. This is not the case at all! Once drapes are installed, you never have to do  anything with them again. And they can be hung on the outsides of the window, so you're not blocking any light. 

It is without question that we recommend some type of window treatment for every window you have!

Below is a great article we found for hanging drapes. And here is a quote we liked...

"While the materials, size, and type of drapery is very important – the installation is equal...All of the other points about style, shape, and size are just as important as how you hang them."

To view this article in full:  Click Here!

Styling Bookcases.

Here is another one of those areas that can seem relatively daunting for a client to manage on their own. But fear not, there is honestly no "right" answer here. 

The major points to consider are the following:

  • Keep all books to the front of the shelves

  • Play with height 

  • Consider adding different textures throughout

  • Do not group colors - space them out

  • Create balance - never too much on one side or the other

  • Add in some greenery

  • Be sure to include personal items and pieces that have meaning!

Here is a great article about how to style a bookcase.


For even more information, check out this video from House Beautiful: Click Here!

Window Treatments
Styling Bookcases

As you embark on the exciting journey of executing the design and styling your space,
we want to remind you to
have fun throughout the process.

Hanging Artwork.

Artwork is generally one area that clients are excited about but will often have hesitation over, when it comes to scale, installation placement, etc. Again, this is one of those things where solutions are available but you will need a little time and finesse to get it just right.

Here are the things we typically plan for:

  • Purchase art that is appropriate in scale

  • Use the rules to hanging as a guide (60" on center) but not as law. If you want to raise or lower it, that's totally fine.

  • Have a plan, prior to hanging it. 

  • Get a second opinion

  • Find a local art hanger for anything large and/or for gallery walls

We think that Wayfair did a great job on offering steps to hang a picture perfectly. To view this article in full:  Click Here!

Hanging Artwork

Matching & Arranging Pillows.

Here is another great opportunity to have fun! Not only do pillows add such function to spaces but they're the easiest way to add color, pattern, and dimension! I LOVE pillows and almost never think you can have too many! 

Here are some general rules that we like to follow:

  • Have a mix of colors and prints

  • There should always be a solid color in the mix of pillows

  • Play with different shapes and sizes

  • Don't forget about the piping/welting of a pillow

  • Consider a second set, to use during the change of seasons

Here is a good article on styling pillows on a sofa. 

For even more information, click on this video by Studio McGee:  Click Here!

Matching & Arranging Pillows

Remember, it's not a race; take your time, enjoy the creative journey,
and savor the satisfaction of bringing your vision to life.



"Wishing you an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as you transform your space into a reflection of your unique style and personality!"   -

Styling Tips
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