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Meet the Team

M E M B E R S   W O R K I N G   O N   Y O U R   P R O J E C T

As in all things in life, no one person can create magic alone. So, we would like to introduce you to the amazing talent on your project. Throughout the process you will most likely receive emails from more than one member from our team. Because of this, feel free to familiarize yourself with our roles/responsibilities, in case you have questions/concerns during the process. Any of us will be happy to assist you with information, and/or resources, as needed. 

Lead Designer



As the lead designer for all projects at DDLLC, it is my obligation to bring your imagination to life! Over time, I have learned that it is not only my job to come up with creative solutions to your dilemmas, but to create THE solution for YOUR home. By intensely listening and asking thoughtful questions, my objective is to read between the lines and to design spaces you never knew you deserved. For more details about my particular design philosophy, Click here!


And for most projects, you and I will probably have the most contact. However, please note, I cannot manage this alone. Each of my team members will be vital in keeping us on track, in retaining multiple sets of eyes on our teams and vendors, and in keeping our processes organized and efficient.


I am so grateful to be trusted with this meaningful investment and I look forward to working with you on your project!  \(^_^)/



As the Project Coordinator, I will be in charge of properly managing your on-boarding process, along with formal contracts. By this point, you will mostly likely have already received messages from me. Additionally, it will be my job to assist with procurement and quality control of your products/construction. Lastly, throughout your project's lifespan, I will assist in collecting, filing, and organizing your documents and installation. Of course, most of this will be behind the scenes, however, I may pop up every-so-often with requests for additional information, so don't be surprised!


And as we get closer to your final project delivery, I will be sending weekly updates in order to keep you informed of our timeline and I'll be there to schedule and oversee the installation of your new beautiful home!!

I'm sure I'll be in touch soon!  :-)

Projet Cordinator
Junior Designer



As a Junior Designer, I collaborate with DuVäl, other team members, contractors, vendors, and clients to see a project through, from concept to procurement, to delivery and installation. I generally work behind the scenes to assist in selecting fabrics, space planning, and filling in wherever necessary, to ensure your space is thought out, elevated, and captures your vision completely.


Because I work closely with DuVäl, we will likely see each other from time-to-time. I may tag along for the initial meeting to assist in developing the design concept or stop in to check on project’s status and drop off materials. I am confident in our team’s ability to deliver designs that exceed your expectations!

I'll see you soon!  



As the CAD Specialist for DDLLC, it is my job to act as the technical designer for all projects. I use AutoCAD software and SketchUp to create high-quality design drawings for building construction and project creation. 

Generally, I'm brought in early on projects, collecting accurate field measurements and documenting the existing spaces, during our Trade Day. It is my job to produce architectural construction documents that we provide to our contractors, some of which may include 'as is' plans, elevations, furniture layouts, etc. 

I may seem shy at first but feel free to say hello! I'm sure we'll meet soon! 

Cad Specialist
Cabinetry Designer



I am currently part-time with DDLLC, and mostly oversee the drawings and procurement of the cabinetry designs for our subsidiary, Fairfax Kitchen Cabinets. Additionally, I help to create a more comprehensive experience for our family of contractors, developers, architects, builders, and remodeling contracts. My main assignment is to construct a more streamlined approach to cabinetry installation by offering direct access to our manufacturer's highest-quality product, at best rates, and with the least amount of resistance.

When I'm not at my computer creating your cabinetry designs...oh yeah, and keeping DuVäl on may find me at Trade Day, assisting with installations, or working in the office. 

Hopefully, we'll meet at some point. But if not, I'm always here to help keep the ship running smoothly--feel free to reach out! :-)


Katie White

Hi there! My name is Katie and I was previously the Product Specialist for House of DuVäl and have recently moved to the DuVäl Design team as their Purchasing Agent.


I am responsible for overseeing our procurement processes: managing our vendor accounts, working with suppliers to order and ensure the delivery of the correct products to the correct places on time, and working with the team to ensure no detail is left behind.


Although I do not usually get to meet our amazing clients, don't be surprised if you receive an e-mail or phone call from me checking in to make sure everything is perfect and better than expected! But don’t worry, your time is valued and appreciated, and I will only reach out if absolutely necessary. :)

Purchasing Agent



As the photographer for DDLLC, it is my job to capture the essence of what we create! I strive to offer visual insights into our team, our design processes, and our projects, through photography, videography, and social media. My intention is to give our clients insight into the authenticity of our personalities, our quirks, but also our accomplishments and successes! 

Generally, my work is seen here on the website and via social media. However, when you get the chance, feel free to see what we've created on DuVäl's YouTube channel = Click Here. Also, you can watch my directorial debut for DD with the Designers Dish Full Episode!

Although they tend to keep me hidden, it is possible that you and I may meet around the time of the photoshoot of your beautiful new home, or possibly while filming some behind-the-scenes moments of your installation. I look forward to capturing your new space!



New Age Financial Consulting

Well, hello there! We have the pleasure of working on the finances for the company, along with helping set strategic goals for our company's future trajectory. It is our goal to run an honest, ethical practice while helping the company remain accessible and profitable. It takes a lot of work and effort to keep a clear focus on the financial health of a business. And thankfully, DuVäl is open to ideas and concerns that will maintain and benefit his business overall.

While we will be fully integrated into every aspect of the financials of the business, sending invoices and collecting funds, unfortunately, we will not get the pleasure of meeting our clients! It is truly the downfall of our position. But we do look forward to Markus capturing the end results, whether in an image or on film.

We wish you all the best! You are in great hands!! 

Screenshot 2024-04-01 100411.png
Office Secuirty


Queso "The Cheese Pupper" Reynolds

Chihuahua + Portuguese Podengo Pequeño (4.5lbs)

"Woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof. Woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof."

TRANSLATION: "I'm a ghangsta. I run the office. I do what I want to do."

WHAT HE ACTUALLY MEANS: "I work in the office and they don't let me come to the project sites because I will get into things and will not listen to what anyone tells me. However, if you ever come to the office, you may get to meet me!"


Again, we are all so excited to work on this project with you! We take this partnership very seriously (just not ourselves). And we are confident in our teamwork, our proven processes, and we look forward to creating a beautiful space for you, in the most seamless and transparent way, as we possibly can!  

See you at Trade Day!  ;-)

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