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How to Prepare for Your Installation

W H A T   Y O U   C A N   E X P E C T . . .

CONGRATULATIONS -- again! It's now time to start preparing for your installation! Yay!

We know it's been a long time coming and you're ready to just get to it! And so are we!! We can't wait for you to see how we will completely transform your space!!  But prior to getting started, we wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect with our installations. Let's jump right into it:

General Cleaning Guidelines:

  • Be sure to clear out any personal belongings and remove any items from the rooms that are undergoing design changes. These can be stored in rooms that will not be impacted. 

  • Remove all wall decorations, artwork, and window treatments that will not be used. However, if you would like any of these items reused within the home, feel free to store in a secure location and notify our team during our pre-installation walkthrough. 

  • Pack and store any fragile items securely to protect them during the installation process.

  • If we are working in your kitchen, be sure to empty all cabinets, shelves, and drawers in the areas that are being redesigned. 

    • For products/foods that will return to the cabinetry (for new kitchen installations), it is best to organize these interiors by using labeled bins and storing them in one location.

  • Disconnect and remove any electronics and appliances, if necessary.

  • Do not worry about cleaning the space - no need to dust or to vacuum. If there are damages or issues to the walls, floors, or ceilings, but will be updated during the installation, leave them as such, so long as DDLLC has been made aware. 

  • Make sure all doorways and pathways are clear and unobstructed for easy access. This includes access to entry points, basements, attics, garages, utility spaces, etc. 

  • Feel free to create a detailed inventory list of all items that will be reused, replaced, or stored during the installation and provide our team with these details.

  • Begin making arrangements for the disposal or donation of any unwanted furniture or items currently in the home. 

If you would like assistance with this portion of the project, feel free to reach out to one of our organizing partners: The Neat Method or Souperior Organizing 


Existing Furniture Assistance:


  • It is common to have existing pieces in the home, prior to the final installation. Additionally, we are aware that it is likely for a client to want to keep certain pieces, which we have potentially considered for our design concepts. However, if there are pieces in the home that are not being used for the intended design installation, we will need help relocating them. Here are some examples:

    • Relocate within the home: If there is furniture that is in one room of the home but needs to be moved into another room, be sure to let us know. Our teams can manage this relocation. However, when doing so, the client is responsible to make the accommodating space in the ​room in which the existing piece will be located. For example: If there is a dining table that is being replaced but you want the existing one to be moved into the basement, then the client must make sure there is space in the basement for the dining table to be relocated.

    • Give to friend or family: Oftentimes when clients purchase new items they will donate pieces to friends of family members first. If this is the case, be sure to contact them, prior to the installation to have these pieces removed before the install date. If not, our team is happy to move these items into a separate room, or garage, for easy access. We will not keep these items in rooms where there will be installations.

NOTE: For any existing products that may remain or be relocated, be sure to clean in and around these pieces, prior to our teams arriving. Sofas, beds, dressers, etc, can often hide unmentionables when furniture is moved. In order for us to maintain your privacy, please have those items moved prior to the request. 

Parking Arrangements:

  • Given the nature of our work, we kindly ask if you could provide at least one (1) designated parking space, close in proximity to your residence, for our team's vehicle(s) during the installation period. This parking space will be utilized primarily to transport materials, tools, and equipment necessary for the successful completion of your project.​ This can be in a driveway, a garage, or street parking.

  • The duration of parking will be requested for the duration of the project. We will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience caused during this period.

  • If there are any parking restrictions or permits applicable in your area, we kindly request you to provide us with relevant information or passes to avoid any complications or fines during our stay.

  • In case providing a dedicated parking space is challenging due to limited availability, we kindly request your assistance in identifying nearby parking alternatives, such as visitor parking spots or temporary permits that can be obtained.

  • In addition to a parking space, we may require a location specifically for pods and/or dumpsters, depending on the size of the project. In this case, please be sure to notify our teams where will be the best placement.


Bathroom Use:


  • For most installations, we do require clients to allow our team members access to at least one (1) of the bathrooms in the home. Unless otherwise noted, we do not allocate funds for Porta Potty rentals. Please let one of our team members know which designated bathroom to use and we will be sure to have it cleaned, prior to our exit. 

  • If you prefer to have Porta Potty provided, please let us know and we will assist in making arrangements for this additional output.

Lunch Breaks & Socializing:


  • As to be expected, our teams will typically work in the morning until the evening. Because they remain on the job site for many hours, please expect our crews to take breaks, eat lunch, and socialize. Like any other workplace, this is a normal part of the process, and this time has been factored into your installation. Always feel free to communicate and socialize with any member of our teams.


General Details to Remember:


  • Be sure to notify your neighbors about the upcoming installation and possible disruption.

  • Arrange for pets to be kept in a safe and separate area during all points of the installation.

  • Ensure that all of the home's utilities, such as electricity and water, are functioning properly.

  • Schedule any necessary professional services, such as HVAC maintenance or pest control, to occur within a week or two prior to the installation.

  • Be prepared to provide access to the home. Be sure to leave access keys and codes with DDLLC.

  • Notify our team of any known issues within the home that may have not be identified leading up to the installation.

  • If you make arrangements to leave the home during installation, please provide our team with detailed notes on your designated area for deliveries and mail, while you are away.

  • Communicate with our team about any specific security protocols or access restrictions this building/home may have.

  • And lastly, be sure to have a backup plan for any unexpected issues or delays during the installation. While we do not hope for these--issues may arise.


And I think that's it!


At this stage, we would like to assure you that our team is fully prepared to execute the installation with precision and attention to detail. We have carefully planned each step to deliver the highest quality results that align with your expectations and aspirations for your space.

We also want to acknowledge the trust you have placed in our team to manage this crucial phase. Rest assured that we will handle every aspect of the installation with professionalism, respect for your home, and adherence to the agreed-upon design deliverables.

We understand that the installation process may cause some temporary disruption, and we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience. Our team will work diligently to ensure a prompt and efficient execution, while maintaining a clean and organized work environment throughout.

If there are any objections to these requirements, please let us know. We are happy to make any accommodations that will create more comfortable experience for you!


We truly appreciate your commitment to this project, including the time, effort, and resources you have invested thus far. Your dedication and cooperation has not gone unnoticed and have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition from the design phase to the installation phase.

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