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Understanding Re-Selections

W H A T   Y O U   C A N   E X P E C T . . .

Due to COVID-19 and its unfortunate aftermaths to the trade, re-selections are now a standard in our industry. Where this was once considered uncommon, it has now become an expected occurrence for each project we encounter. While we make every effort at the start of the project to avoid this, it has now proven to be unpredictable and inevitable.​

So, we'd like to start off by apologizing for the inconvenience this may cause. We understand that this will be additional time out of your schedule to resolve, it may alter expectations for products previously selected, and it may cause us to forgo preferred pieces. 

Because re-selections are now commonplace, we have been faced with communicating this information so much so that we felt it would be best to simply document this part of the process. We want to help make sense of it all. With that being said, here are a number of reasons why we find ourselves in this position together:


  • The product goes out of stock

  • The product sells out and does not have a date of return

  • The backorder of the product is unreasonable to the plans for furniture installation (ex: coming in 15 months)

  • Manufacturer discontinues the product

  • If we notice any type of improper quality control for a product

  • The order arrives broken - after three (3) attempts, we choose to re-select

  • The order is not put in correctly by us or the vendors, and something is lost in translation

  • Wrong item arrives and was never confirmed

  • Product cannot be located - this could be at the manufacturer, vendor, warehouse, or even in our offices

  • Incorrect shipping address and product cannot be located


Acting as retailers on behalf of our manufacturers/vendors, we are not always given a proper heads up on why these things happen, or even ways to avoid them. Sometimes we are notified prior to an order. Other times, we could be notified of an out-of-stock (discontinued) item, months after the purchase. Due to all the changing tides, we count on our trusted vendors to do the best they can, as they, too, navigate unexpected occurrences that plague them.


However, when faced with these situations, we usually approach resolution of them with the following options:

  • We reach out to the manufacturers/vendors to confirm the need for a re-selection. We always like an actual confirmation from in-house, rather than what a website or a rep may advise. For example, if we are assigned a third-party representative, we'll go to the manufacturer directly to make sure the information is correct.

  • If something is out of stock or discontinued with our manufacturer, then we will research any vendors who may have this same product in stock--either in a warehouse, a showroom, etc. Because most manufactured products are sold by multiple companies, sometimes others will have inventory that may not be shared with the actual manufacturer--which they may be willing to sell to us.

  • We reach out to colleagues who may have this unused product, who may also be willing to sell it to us.

  • We reach out to custom millworkers and craftsman, to see if something can be duplicated, recreated, or cloned. Oftentimes, with upholstery, if we cannot get the product from the actual manufacturer, we can have these duplicated by trusted artisans. ​

We hope all of this makes sense.

For more clarity, please know that we have no intentions to cause, or to perpetuate, these re-selections. For our team, we are quite inconvenienced by them, as they take more time and energy to navigate. Generally, at this point, all the orders are in and resolved. So, re-selections cause our team to familiarize ourselves with all selections in a room, all fabrics and wallpaper that may be affected, as well as sizing and accessibility. While it may seem simple, we go through substantial cross-examinations to accurately and justly present the best substitute.

Please note, at this point of the process, we choose to believe our clients ​trust our team

and know that we will make every effort to do right by you, your loved ones, and your investment. 


​How to resolve...

With all this being said, here is what you can expect moving forward:


Be on the lookout for emails that identify which items need to be re-selected, along with the alternatives. We will email products separately, so that we can keep an organized record of our communication--we will not document everything in one email. Please answer them at your earliest convenience.

NOTE: Any alternatives that we provide have already been approved by our A-Team and will be accordance with the design direction that was determined for your space(s). We will not make any selection that has not first been supported by its surrounding environment--no decisions are haphazard or arbitrary.

Lastly, as we navigate through re-selections, it is still possible to have to re-select a re-selection--we will not be immune to the same process with an alternative. If so, we will just go through the same procedures until it is properly sorted. 


Thank you for understanding!

Again, we know that this can be an inconvenience to you. But we ask for your enduring patience, your extended trust in our team and processes, and your continued hope of a beautiful and worthwhile space that has been curated specifically to you! 

If you have any questions or concerns--we will be happy to clarify any stage of this process.


Otherwise, be on the lookout for an email, or more, coming your way!

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