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We are a design firm unlike any other.


We offer a comprehensive and thorough, white-glove service of interior architecture + design. We deliver made-to-order solutions! From start-to-finish, we manage your project--one team, one objective.


Our process begins with the creation of mood boards, color palette stories, and presentations of furniture selections. We govern meetings with contractors and other tradespeople, on behalf of our clients and their best interests. We procure valuable furniture and furnishings, from vendors we trust. We secure and inspect all furniture off-site to properly administer our quality control practices.


Prior to the complete installation, we conduct inventory audits, remove unwanted furniture from project sites, we sell/give away any preferred goods, and/or we relocate treasured pieces somewhere within the home. We conclude all projects with magazine-worthy styling and walk our clients through a full project reveal! 


This is what we offer at DuVäl Design! 

Come experience the difference. 
With our expert team and tailored solutions, we exceed expectations.

DuVäl Design
  • How do you approach a project? Do you have a design philosophy?
    Absolutely! Oftentimes, potential clients want to know how we process as designers. And because their investments are sacred to us, we want each of you to know that we take our job seriously and that we are not haphazard when approaching a new design project. The goal is to design a space that our clients never knew they could have. Alongside this, we will always offer design suggestions and concepts that our clients do not even know to ask for. As experts of reading between the lines, we often surprise our clients with ideas they would have never dreamed of! And lastly, we design spaces that are aspirational, offering an atmosphere that promotes safety, comfort, and inspiration.
  • How do you determine which projects to accept?
    We firmly believe that we excel when hired to design+furnish new spaces--this could be a new build or major renovation. And the majority of our projects fall into this category--full service interior design. However, when considering any project, no matter the scale, we review a number of things: We start by accepting projects that align with our expertise, to leverage our skills and knowledge. We evaluate scope and scale, to see if we have the capacity to manage it successfully and within the requested timeframe. We consider your vision and preferences to see if they resonate with our design philosophy. We analyze the feasibility in terms of logistics, budget, and any potential constraints to ensure a smooth execution. We assess our team's workload and availability to ensure dedicated time and attention to each project we undertake. And we consider the potential impact and value that we can bring, both to the client and our portfolio, seeking opportunities that can showcase our expertise and contribute to our growth and your new aspirational lifestyle! Much like our design process, we are not haphazard about the projects we take. Each one is approached with dedication, creativity, and a commitment to delivery something truly exceptional!
  • What is your hourly rate?
    Currently, we have a tiered structure for our team, as it pertains to different members and departments working on your project. We start at $125/hr and go up to $295/hr, with DuVäl acting as the lead designer on all projects--no matter the size.
  • Do you have a project minimum?
    Yes--but only for our full-service design projects. Currently, we are open to single-room projects with a minimum $35K budget for services, furniture, and furnishings. We are only taking full, turn-key projects. For major renovations and new builds, our minimum is $250K--this costs can include all aspects of the renovation, such as the materials, labor, design fees, etc. For more cost-effective options, please consider our Expert Consultation or Virtual Design Service: Click Here! NOTE: We will make exceptions for client referrals, as long as it is still full, turn-key services.
  • Do you take smaller projects?
    "Smaller" is relative (^_^). For full-service design, we absolutely long as it meets our project minimum. If you are not sure about our virtual design or our full, white-glove service, consider the Expert Consultation:
  • Can we hire you just for a few hours of design time?
    Absolutely! We are now offering an Expert Consultation! Here is your chance to pick DuVäl's brain for 2hrs! It's a great way to get expert knowledge on design projects that you're considering, ones that may already be underway, or for finished projects that need a little editing/finishing. We find this to be a great option for clients who don't need our full, white-glove service. Find out more:
  • Will I be billed for travel time?
    For local business, we may charge 1/4 of our hourly rate for any projects that are over an hour from our main office. Otherwise, do not charge for travel for projects in the DMV, New York, Atlanta, or Palm Beach markets.
  • Do you work out of state?
    Yes. We have a day rate of $1800+ reimbursements for lodging and then we bill as normal, excluding New York, Atlanta, and Palm Beach. We will also partner with local designers/stylers/project managers, to help oversee out-of-state projects. And for all others, feel free to use our Virtual Design Service: Click Here!
  • Can you offer an Interior Designer referral?
    Abso-freakin-lutely! We would love to share the names of our favorite designers/decorators in the DC Metro area! Please send us an email requesting this information. We would be more than happy to provide trusted referrals we know (and love) personally!
  • What is your general lead time?
    Our typical lead time for full-service design is about 1-3 months, to start a project, depending on scale--this does not include procurement and/or construction times. For our virtual design projects, depending on size and budget, we can complete in 3-5 weeks.
  • How long does it take to complete a project?
    Generally, for furniture, a typical full-service project installation can occur anywhere between 8-16 weeks, after final sign-offs. We are still feeling the effects of COVID-19, with a few vendors still falling behind on normal lead times. For our virtual design projects, depending on size and budget, can be completed in 3-5 weeks.
  • How soon can we book an initial meeting?
    We are open to scheduling a Feasibility Study with potential full-service clients, who have completed our Questionnaire. These can generally be scheduled within 2-4 weeks. For our virtual designs, we can schedule a Discovery Call within 1-2 weeks.
  • How much is the Feasibility Study?
    This in-person meeting is a one-time, non-refundable, flat rate of $950, for a 2-hr meeting. This is our opportunity to review design, construction, and budget feasibility. Here are the details for that meeting: Click Here!
  • Can I use my own contractor?
    Without a doubt! We advise working with contractors with whom our clients feel most comfortable!
  • Do you offer contractors?
    For sure! For most projects, we will offer at least two (2) different construction teams, for our clients to interview. You will have the option to choose who you will contract with directly.
  • I'm ready! How do I get started?
    Awesome! If you have read through these FAQs and feel like DDLLC would be a good fit for your project, you can start by selecting the service that works best for you: Click Here! Someone will be in touch shortly after completing the Questionnaire!

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to working with you!
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