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Let's Break It Down!

m a k e   i t   m a k e   s e n s e

PHASE 1:   Questionnaire  -->  Discovery Call  -->  Feasibility Study  -->  Trade Day

PHASE 2:   Design time  -->  Present  -->  Revise  -->  Final Design

PHASE 3:   Order Everything  -->  Quality Control  -->  Installation 


We collect a Questionnaire and do a quick Discovery Call. You love us immediately.

Our team will schedule an on-site meeting to determine if we can take the project based on the design style, timeline, budget, etc--this is our Feasibility Study.

  • We charge ($750) for this working meeting. And you confirm that you really love us. 

From there, we will send you a guesstimated cost of our assumed design fees.

It will be amazing and so we go into contract and collect a retainer.


Once collected, we have Trade Day: an on-site meeting where our entire team comes to review the project scope and complexities, prior to designing.

  • You love all them too!

We leave and start designing the entire project.

  • We're doing CAD drawings, ordering samples, creating spreadsheets, presentations, getting quotes, etc. 

A meeting is then set about 4-5 weeks later--our Design Style Presentation. This is where we will present the entire project--all selections and a general budget.

  • We may exchange a few emails within this timeframe.

We have the meeting, and you love 90% of it--which we're okay with!

  • Our next pre-approved invoice is collected, in order to move to the next phase.

Revisions are made, which may take 2-3 weeks, depending on how much is changed.

Then it's our Final Design Style Presentation, where we present the entire project with a more definitive budget.

  • And now you're happy with everything--obvi!

It's now time to collect the entire budget for furniture, our next set of design fees, and we start ordering everything--our procurement phase.

  • We start our hourly basis, as we will not know how to estimate the duration of this process. You won't like this but definitely understand and respect the workload required.

We house+manage all products in our office and/or warehouse--all inspection, storage, etc. 

When it's all ready, we'll message you to plan for the installation.

  • Rightfully, you get overly excited. 

All furnishings are installed at once, whether within a day or week, and your home is trés chic

It's time for our HGTV-like reveal and you cry.

We follow-up in a week or so with any final repairs/amendments and we send you a gift basket.

You write a lovely review.

And we all live happily ever after.

  • Separately, but happily.

Don't worry, we've done this before!  \(^o^)/

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