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Let's Break This Down!

m a k e   i t   m a k e   s e n s e

PHASE 1:   Questionnaire  -->  Discovery Call  -->  Feasibility Study  -->  Trade Day

PHASE 2:   Design time  -->  Present  -->  Revise  -->  Final Design

PHASE 3:   Order Everything  -->  Quality Control  -->  Installation 


We collect a Questionnaire and do a quick Discovery Call. You love us immediately.

Our team will schedule an on-site meeting to determine if we can take the project based on the design style, timeline, budget, etc--this is our Feasibility Study.

  • We charge ($950) for this working meeting. And you confirm that you really love us. 

From there, we will send you a guesstimated cost of our assumed design fees.

It will be amazing and so we go into contract and collect a retainer.


Once collected, we have Trade Day: an on-site meeting where our entire team comes to review the project scope and complexities, prior to designing.

  • You love all them too!

We leave and start designing the entire project.

  • We're doing CAD drawings, ordering samples, creating spreadsheets, presentations, getting quotes, etc. 

A meeting is then set about 4-5 weeks later (depending on the scale, it could also be 5-7weeks)--our Design Style Presentation. This is where we will present the entire project--all selections and a general budget.

  • We may exchange a few emails within this timeframe.

We have the meeting, and you love 90% of it--which we're okay with!

  • Our next pre-approved invoice is collected, in order to move to the next phase.

Revisions are made, which may take 2-3 weeks, depending on how much is changed.

Then it's our Final Design Style Presentation, where we present the entire project with a more definitive budget.

  • And now you're happy with everything--obvi!

It's now time to collect the entire budget for furniture, our next set of design fees, and we start ordering everything--our procurement phase.

  • We start our hourly basis, as we will not know how to estimate the duration of this process. And of course, you understand and respect the workload required.

We house+manage all products in our office and/or warehouse--all inspection, storage, etc. 

When it's all ready, we'll message you to plan for the installation.

  • Rightfully, you get overly excited. 

All furnishings are installed at once, usually within 4 days to 2 weeks (again, depending on the scale), and your home is trés chic

It's time for our HGTV-like reveal and you cry.

We follow-up in a week or so with any final repairs/amendments and we send you a gift basket.

You write a lovely review.

And we all live happily ever after.

  • Separately, but happily.

Don't worry, we've done this before!  \(^o^)/

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