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INITIAL CONSULTATION (Programming) = 2hrs


During this phase, introductions are made, and we begin to identify the client(s), the nature of the project, the location of the project(s), the purpose of the space(s), and the extent of the design work, questions regarding the specific function(s) of the space(s), the feasibility of the design/timeline requests, along with the remaining furniture/equipment necessities that will need to be discussed. We will review Pinterest images to identify style and color themes preferred. Measurements and photos will be taken at this time.


After the initial meeting, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to the client, listing actionable items by both parties. This detailed list will secure expectations moving forward in regards to design style, timeline, projected design hours payable, etc.



SCHEMATIC DESIGN = 10-20hr Package


Following the initial consultation, should the client approve, DDLLC will move toward the Schematic Design. This phase involves brainstorming design solutions (verbal, sketched, or written) before filtering out unworkable ideas and refining the practical ones until one or more main design concepts emerge—these include dimensions, lead times, availability, potential fabric/upholstery options, alternative selections, costs, etc. Circulation patterns and minimum clearances are also considered and applied to the floor plan. Rough sketches and elevations may be created while preliminary furniture and finish ideas are being developed.


The main design concept is articulated in the form of a Design Style Presentation, expressing the principal ideas and approach behind the proposed design solution. It will generally include scaled floor plans showing furniture placement, a mood board with potential colors, materials, and finishes and the introduction of initial solutions to the spaces. This presentation will then be presented to the client for review and revision, typically lasting one to two hours.


In this phase of the project, general budgets will begin to form.





After approval of the schematic design, we develop floor plans, elevations, and other related items in greater detail. Colors and finishes are refined, furniture, fabrics and equipment are selected, and cost estimates are prepared. At this stage, project costs, including product+delivery and construction, can only be estimated as precise costs can only be obtained once final working drawings are submitted to contractors, suppliers, and installers for their bids.

Depending on the scale of the project, DDLLC may request the client to pursue additional sketches, perspective drawings, full color renderings, 3-D models or computer simulations, all at additional rates.  



DESIGN REVIEWS = 5-10hr Package(s)


Client will have the opportunity to agree to additional 5-10hr design packages in order to modify design ideas and proposals, until satisfied. The resulting design will continually be presented to the client for review and revision. Approval of final design and budget will be required to move toward Execution Phase.





Once a final design concept has been developed and approved, we move toward the Execution Phase. We start by documenting the specific details of the work. These details may include millwork specifications, finish selections such as flooring and paint, lighting plans and fixture selections, plumbing location(s) and fixture selections, and electrical layouts in regard to the total scope of work to be completed.


Next, bids are obtained via vendors, manufacturers and suppliers, contractors are selected, and purchase orders may be issued. Contractors’ bids are sought and the designer prepares a general schedule of works, choreographing construction, installations and finishing in their proper sequence.


Final Working Drawings (also called ‘Construction Drawings‘) are produced, as needed.  These may include perspective drawings, site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans (showing lighting and ceiling fixtures), sections, elevations and detailed drawing of architectural elements (e.g. doors and windows) and design elements (e.g. paint, trim, wall coverings, furniture, and window treatments), along with all drawing notes necessary for the construction and installation of the design.


We will create a Client Specifications Sheet which describes, in detail, all furnishings and materials to be acquired, via manufacturer, codes, SKUs, sizing, lead times, etc. This document is vital to confirming client’s budget and establishing a general estimate of installation timeline and rates, once commercial receiver’s acknowledgment is determined.


Hours worked in this stage of the process can only be determined by the size and scope of the project and will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month.





Once the final design is approved, the execution or implementation phase marks the realization of the design. All materials, furnishings and accessories are ordered.  Delivered goods are inspected off-site and damaged items are repaired, returned or re-ordered, and marked according to project and placement.


This is the final stage where things are built and/or installed. The designer is often onsite during "installation" to ensure items are received in good condition, installed correctly, and that documents have been followed properly.


Should the construction or installation take more than one day, the designer will make regular site visits to co-ordinate progress, inspect the quality of workmanship and resolve any on-site issues.  Once construction and installation works are complete, the designer will draw up a ‘Snag List’ (also called a ‘Punch List’) of defects to be resolved before movable furnishings, materials and accessories are installed.



FINAL STEPS Open Contract


The Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is an important final step in the design process.  The designer follows up after completion of the project to measure the success of the design solution.  This may involve a questionnaire, interview or walk-through inspection with the client.  The designer may make adjustments and revisions to improve the result.  Evaluation may also be invited from peers.  

Project evaluation are vital to DDLLC as it helps increase professional knowledge for future projects.

DDLLC hourly packages start with a 120 min in-home consultation with an upfront payment of $750. The remaining consultation design hours are billed bi-weekly at $275/hr, with a 15-hr min requirement to start any project. Prices and rates are subject to change per project and hourly mins may be negotiated.

Furniture and furnishings are sold to client at retail (suggested retail or suggested market value) less 50% of any discount (suggested designer/wholesale); where the discount is greater than 10%. In other words, we will split our trade discount, in half, for all products sold, where discount is greater than 10%.

So, if we get 20% off, you get 10%--if we get 60% off, you get 30%!

Currently serving full turn-key projects only. We take projects from start to complete finish. We do not assist in product-based design. 


C O N S U L T A T I O N   D E S I G N   S E R V I C E S   =   $ 2 7 5   /   H R