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Welcome to your private, one-on-one


H O W   W E   C A N   H E L P



Are you looking for guidance and direction to create the home of your dreams? If so, then welcome to our Custom Home Design experience! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to guide you through the process of creating something truly extraordinary. 

Let's have a chat. 

Our first interaction is focused on gaining a clear understanding of your design preferences and the current status of your building project. Some clients may have already involved an architect, builder, or landscape artist, while others may begin their journey with our design firm. This initial contact allows us to grasp the specific requirements and dynamics of our collaboration moving forward.

Create a cohesive plan.

Once I understand your requirements, I'll analyze your space, including the layout, architectural elements, and lighting, to identify its strengths and limitations and create conceptual, but cohesive, design ideas for the entire home. 



"Our Custom Home Design comes with our professional expertise, personalized design advice, cost and time savings, optimized space planning, attention to detail, stress reduction, creative design solutions, industry connections, and long-term value. We bring knowledge, creativity, and resources to transform your space into something remarkable."

We save you time, money, and stress while ensuring a personalized and stunning result.



Design Presentations!

Upon creating design concepts and ideas, our team will present the design proposal to you, incorporating 2D and 3D visualizations, floor plans, and mood boards. We'll then engage in discussions about design options, features, and any potential modifications you may desire.

Refining & Detailing. 

After the presentation, we will refine the design based on your feedback, incorporating any revisions or adjustments, for seamless integrations. We will also develop detailed drawings, specifications, and material selections to finalize the design.

General furniture layouts...


Oftentimes clients will hire our team to complete the furnishings portion of the custom home. However, we do offer the option of clients completing this part themselves. If so, we will still offer a general layout of furniture & furnishings throughout.

Check-ins until the end.

Finally, we conduct regular check-ins to ensure that your home is being built according to the design specifications. We take special care to oversee the installation of tiles and cabinetry, ensuring precision and accuracy. Our team also verifies that paint is applied correctly and consistently, and that all design decisions are executed as planned.


DuVäl Design, LLC | Interior Designer | 9926 Main Street, Fairfax, VA, USA

Design services for home selections are

$12-16/sqft for the entire home, under $3mil

Minimum design investment of $30K

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