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Contractor Referrals

T H E   O N E S   W E   R E C O M M E N D

While DDLLC is continuously hired by different builders, architects, developers, and contractors, we tend to stick with one of the three (3) below,

when it comes to our own projects that need general contractors. We believe in their work, their expertise, and their service.

For full-service projects, feel free to consider these industry partners...


CONTACT:  Cameron Brent

PHONE:      (703) 609-2826



OUR Experience w/ DPR:

For many projects in our portfolio, we have worked with DPR. They act as a franchise with several different entities throughout the DC Metro Region. We generally work with Cameron, and his crew for our VA projects. He's extremely responsive, direct, and focused, which is also how we tend to work. We partner with them on projects that are as small as paint jobs, to complete home renovations.


We trust them to deliver a product that is finished, accurate, and at the best rate, for what they do.




Nova Home Renovations

CONTACT:  Tony Abreu  /  Greg Noble

PHONE:      (202) 258-5774  /  (703) 927-2350



OUR Experience w/ NHR:

NOVA Home Reno is one of our newest teams who are quickly gaining traction with our smaller projects and with single kitchen renovations. Their timeliness, responsiveness, and attention to detail have served them well. 

We find that clients also love their friendly and cooperative demeanor. And with one or both owners on every project, there lies a sense of liability that brings comfort to our clientele.

Beautiful Home Services

CONTACT:   Andrew Blate​ 

PHONE:      (240) 793-1936     



OUR Experience w/ BHS:

For a more enhanced experience, we partner with Andrew and his team. Their service, and structured systems, are more of a premium value, with no less friendly and straight-forward methods. Their communication is clear, thorough, and detailed. They provide daily updates on larger projects, which clients love.


Additionally, we partner with them on projects that are more complicated, when design intricacies are ambitious, or when a client requires a more meticulous eye. 

Screenshot 2023-11-26 200732.png

CONTACT:  Alex Bautista

PHONE:      (703) 675-7574



OUR Experience w/ GIGI:

FULL TRANSPARENCY: We have not yet worked with Alex and his team, however, we have been communicating throughout 2023, hoping to partner on a project at some point. 


He reached out to us while we were in full swing of other projects, so we have not been able to partner directly. But his communication style, his portfolio images, and his good Google Reviews, gives us hope that he could manage projects successfully.


If you choose to work with him, we would love to get your feedback on your experience. We love the idea of working with, and helping grow, small businesses in the northern VA region. 

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